Sunday, 8 February 2009

Flying Free

Really cold days now. Down to -4C last night. Everything covered in snow. Nice to keep the food going for the birds. They really seem to appreciate it.

My winter project of bird flight shots is coming together at last. Anticipation and quick reflexes are needed, as well as copious supplies of peanut butter.
Some of the birds are getting very agressive, especially the Robins and Nuthatches.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Let There be Flight

Had a little time experimenting with flight shots down at the Sculpture Park now the sun has decided to honour us with its presence. The speed at which the birds fly makes it very difficult to freeze the motion of their wings but I tried.

For the photographers amongst you I had to use 1/3200th of a second exposure at f6.3 with a Nikon D3 and 600mm f4 lens to capture the movement of this Nuthatch and Coal Tit. The ISO was also at 3200 in order to get these high shutter speeds . I'm looking forward to the sun rising higher in the sky as spring heads our way, giving me higher light levels to play with.

I have a passion for flight shots as they are so hard to acheive and show the bird in its true element. Static poses are OK but do not capture the true nature of the bird.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nellie the Elephant

It's amazing what a little bit of snow will do to enhance tha natural sculptures in the park. This beech had an amazing elephant's head growing out of it.

I'm so Pretty

Such a handsome bird and he knows it. This Great Spotted Woodpecker coudn't resist the peanuts pushed into an old rotting branch. He certainly knew how to pose. Any other bird coming within pecking range was sent packing with that lethal weapon on his.

Lots of birds have been coming to food left out for them. Competion in the cold weather led to some strange antics.

Tried to get some photos of the birds in flight. Not easy as the light was always dismal as the sun is still very weak at this time of year and the birds are so fast!